Creativity in wood.

Hand crafted, made to order custom leather and woodwork. 

Our Philosophy

  Our writing instruments are handcrafted in a world where mass production is the norm. They are made with precision and attention to detail as opposed to a close-enough culture. We use genuine hardwoods and other natural exotic materials in a world of artificiality. For well over 18 years, Wood-of-1kind has been crafting writing instruments so passionately conceived and meticulously crafted to last a lifetime. Once you've experienced writing with our pens, anything less becomes unacceptable. Our goal is to make a pen built to perfection. We merge art and passion, experience and expression in every item that we make. Allow us to make it possible for you to close your eyes and imagine owning the finest writing instrument crafted just for your style and budget.



  Wood-of-1-kind designs begin as a simple drawing in a sketchbook and are then refined as a more technical design, where they are turned with the highest level of precision. Each and every detail is carefully considered down to the exact turning diameter. Once the initial design on paper is complete, the pen starts to take form in the workshop. The pen design process is known to take several hours, with each revision being more structurally and aesthetically beautiful as it approaches its final form.



  Wood-of-1-kind designs would not be feasible if the artisan (Peter) did not control each and every aspect of production. All writing instruments are crafted in his workshop. This allows for the strictest manufacturing control. Peter takes great pride in shaping and turning pens from local and exotic materials requiring the use of carbide tooling and other specialty instruments that he has acquired. Once complete each pen is inspected by the artisan before being packaged and shipped directly to the customer.



  The use of superior and long lasting plated components are at the heart of our successWood-of-1-kind is known for using some of the finest materials available around the globe. Many are sourced and purchased within North America. When possible we strive to use locally harvested woods and this has been instrumental in developing unique and exclusive crafted writing instruments. One of our goals at Wood-of-1-kind is to be socially responsible towards the environment. Many woods (pen blanks) are sourced locally from fallen trees and given a new life reflected through the artistry of our pens. We are committed to the perpetual pursuit of the most radiant and beautiful raw materials available anywhere. At no point will we use "endangered" species of raw materials. Not only is this considered a poor business practice but it is socially inconsistent with our desire to respect nature's precious resources.


Peter's workshop.